Recreate your oasis. 

We will help you remove clutter and unwanted objects from your home/office, then reorganize your remaining items to bring a living/working space full of peace and functionality.


Neat and Clean will patiently coach you through the de-cluttering process. You have the option to choose whether or not you would like to be hands-on or absent during the physical project. We will also never force you to throw anything away, we believe there is a space for everything!

A Step-by-step Process

Step 1: De-clutter

One by one we will move through your belongings removing the items you no longer wish to keep in your living/work space. Whether you want to sell, toss, or replace some items, we can assist you in the delicate process.

Step 2: Categorize

Our team of professionals will begin organizing by placing your items into the appropriate categories, then decide where and how these things will be stored.

Step 3: Organize

Using a combination of bins, baskets, shelving, and other storage solutions we will methodically arrange your items in a manner that is orderly and functional for you.


Achieve Functionality In Each Area 

Closets: Maximize wardrobe by reducing items never used or worn, sorting & arranging for current season.

Kitchens:  Organize junk drawers, items in the pantry, crowded counters, excess pots/pans.

Home Offices:  Sort paperwork & create filing systems, clearing workspace for productivity.

Kids’ Rooms:  Categorize toys, arts & crafts, clothing, books, & school work, simplifying access & clean up.

Bedrooms:  De-clutter dresser drawers & manage night stand clutter, restore under bed storage.

Bathrooms:  Arrange counters/drawers/cabinets to aid daily routines, reducing time spent getting ready.

Living/Media Rooms:  Create a fresh & inviting space by sorting books, magazines, CDs, DVDs, etc.

Storage Units:  Contain items used seasonally (holiday, sporting, clothing), & label boxes for items kept for records/mementos/etc.

Move-in process:  Aid arrangement of items for practicality, efficiency & aestheticism.



Let us tackle your clutter.